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Watch This Plane Safely Make an Emergency Landing in the Middle of an Active Interstate

Illustration for article titled Watch This Plane Safely Make an Emergency Landing in the Middle of an Active Interstate
Screenshot: NBC 7 San Diego

What is it about California and planes suffering mechanical failure only to land in the middle of a highway? It seems like Cali is the only state where this is a regular occurrence—and, as of Friday, we can add another one to the list.


According to local news station NBC 7 San Diego, a single-engine plane had to make an emergency landing on a busy California highway, somehow managing to avoid crashing into anyone, like this was just a regular ol’ runway.


Piloted by a 36-year-old flight student and a 25-year-old instructor, the Piper aircraft suffered an engine failure mid-flight. Now, the student pretty quickly relinquished control of the craft to the instructor, who managed to safely put this bad boy down on the ground with what looks like not even a scratch for anyone—or any car—involved.

Even more impressive? The flight instructor managed to do this all without hitting any of the various power lines criss-crossing the Interstate 8 near El Cajon. They traveled about a half mile down the freeway before coming to a complete stop, when emergency services could come to take off the wings and get it completely off the road.

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son of a motherless goat (PSA: wash your hooves)

No, what was even more impressive is they allowed him to merge. Try that shit in New Jersey.