Watch This Ninja Motorcyclist Crash Into And Ride On A Speeding Car

Displaying an unusual combination of bad judgment and exceptional dexterity, this motorcyclist rear-ends a speeding car in the fast lane of a highway but instead of wiping out, the biker actually hops up on the trunk of the car and hangs on as it carries on at full speed.


Road signs seem to indicate that this incident took place on Highway 5 in Tumwater, Washington, but I haven’t seen any reports from local news there yet.

We see an Acura TSX coming in hot on a Hyundai driving in the left lane at what seems like a normal pace. The Acura brakes late and brakes hard. A few seconds later this biker, who also appears to be moving a little quicker than the rest of traffic, tries to panic-slow as well but can’t quite cut enough speed and ends up rear-ending the Acura.

As the motorcycle gets dumped onto the road, the biker’s clinging to the trunk of the sedan, the driver of which takes a ridiculously long time to realize they’re carrying a stowaway. That, or the driver starts trying to flee the accident scene but finally grows a conscience once they figure out there’s a human person on the outside of their car.

But finally the car does stop, and the biker seems healthy enough to deliver an understandably irate piece of their mind.

I know I’ve been riding on the highway and fantasized about jumping up on trunks or getting air off wedge-shaped trailers, but like, I never thought it would actually work out like it does for Jason Bourne. Can’t deny that’s a rad ninja move happening here, even if I don’t like the example this biker and driver are setting.


I guess the lesson here is “don’t follow too closely.” And for the love of all that’s holy, stop as soon as possible if you hear a loud thud while you’re driving.

Hat tip to cdoggyd!

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Uhh, the motorcyclist is at fault here. It would be one thing if he was at a closer follow distance, but he’s way way back. Had plenty of time to stop.