Watch This Moving Car Get Struck By Lightning As A Reminder Not To Piss Off Any Gods

If you’ve never seen a car struck by lightning before, let this video from Morocco be the one to send you into a YouTube binge. It looks like the car was zapped by an orbiting space laser. Thankfully, no one was hurt, so feel free to gawk with a clear conscience.

Holy crap, right?

I’m pretty impressed with the driver here; after getting an old-school Zeus-style lightning-smiting, the driver does panic and accelerate just a bit, understandably, but very quickly manages to get a grip and not only takes the smoking car to a controlled stop, but even manages to turn the hazard lights on.


The video (I know it’s portrait, relax) seems to have just been shot by someone wanting some video of traffic? That part isn’t really clear. Did the video shooter know this would happen? Did the videographer summon the lightning with their mind? Should we be concerned? Is there some rogue demigod wandering the streets of Morocco? Shit, now I’m scared.

If you’re really set on getting hit by lightning, being in a car is a pretty good option, since the frame of the car acts like a Faraday cage and diverts the electricity around the outside of the car to ground, instead of through soft, tender you.

Again, holy crap.

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