KRON, a local TV station in San Francisco, was just doing its normal local TV thing, in this case, catching people being jerks in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. And then one biker really decided to be a jerk, and that's when it turned into a tidal wave of sweet, sweet justice.


It started out as most local news bits start on slow news days, when there's nothing else to do but find some easy rage-fuel. "Here's a person stopping in the middle of the highway to let a passenger take a picture of a bridge." "Here's a guy on a motorcycle being a jerk and driving the wrong way." "Here's Hitler." You know, the normal stuff of local news.

Except the motorcycle guy didn't like it, that someone was "shoving a camera in his face," from many many yards away, while he was on a motorcycle, wearing a helmet.


So he decided to confront the reporter about it. Which didn't end well for him.

Because the cops saw him being a jerk. And cops don't like jerks. They love jerks, as that means they can write them all the tickets in the world and never feel bad about a thing.

Cue the biker walking home.

Also, note: if you can be seen in public, then more often than not you can be photographed without your consent as well. Just a heads up, if, ya know, a reporter catches you acting like a jerk.

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