Watch This Jeep Wrangler Balance Like A Ballerina

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We Jeep people are a strange breed. We park on snow mounds at the grocery store in the winter, don’t bother slowing for speed bumps, and generally turn into giddy little kids behind the wheels of our rigs. Here’s a Jeep Wrangler JK playing ballerina in a parking lot on some wooden seesaws.

The video, posted on the Jeep EXPERIENCE Facebook page, shows a two-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon reversing over some blocks in what appears to be a parking lot.

To your layman, this seems like a pointless exercise. But to Jeep people this is a test of driver skill, especially considering this Jeep has the six-speed manual.


Trying to massage those left two pedals and crawl up without overshooting the seesaws or stalling the Jeep proves tough for this driver, but he ultimately gets it done, triumphantly planting the JK atop the blocks.

It’d be interesting to see the driver try that without touching the clutch pedal at all, and just letting the starter motor crawl the Jeep up in reverse and in low range.


Okay, so maybe this actually was a pointless exercise, but it sure looked cool. Now enough “mall crawling”; get that JK onto some trails!