Holding up traffic is not a good idea. Holding up traffic and standing in the street to beat the living crap out of a rival construction crew is not a good idea. If you want to make that idea even worse, arm everyone with hammers. And only hammers.

Cars creep along cautiously, crowds of other construction workers stare awkwardly, and a horrific hammer fight ensues, the likes of which you'd never want to get caught in.

Fair warning, in case you haven't read anything I've written so far: you're about to watch people get the crap beaten out of them with hammers. It doesn't look like anybody gets killed, but one guy gets it especially bad when a bunch of others gang up on him. With hammers.

It's like somebody decided to mix up West Side Story, the Village People, and the insane bloodlust that can only come from a life of hard, physical labor, and way too much vodka. And hammers.


I honestly have no idea what started this fight, though the title of the video says that it's a fight between rival Uzbeks and Tajiks in Moscow. How the people shooting it would know that I'm not sure, and unfortunately my Russian is a bit rusty, so I can only make out a few swear words. I also am way out of my league in being knowledgeable the kind of ethnic/geographical/construction issues that may have lead to this bit of completely unhinged hysteria.

If you know what happened and/or speak Russian and can understand these guys, let us know in the comments below.