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Watch This Guy Rebuild His Dream Porsche 911 In Just Four Minutes

Jeff lives in Australia, where he works on his cars and his house and films himself doing so. His latest project is rebuilding an old Porsche 911 RSR. By the end, it looks pretty amazing. Watch months of work fly by in mere minutes.

Jeff says he spent about 18 months rebuilding the car, time in which was reduced to four minutes for the internet’s pleasure. Fixing up the exterior takes a fair amount of skill, to be sure, but my favorite portion of the video is when Jeff takes to the interior, mainly because that seems to me like the actual hardest part of the job? Just watching all the stitching and fabric and leather cutting gives me stress.


Anyway, while the car looks pretty amazing by the end, Jeff says it doesn’t drive quite yet, owing to its lack of an engine. Hopefully, he’ll get there some time soon. This thing belongs on the road.

Thanks Dave!

News Editor at Jalopnik. 2008 Honda Fit Sport.

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What a madman. Practically no one does advanced upholstery, paint, and body work. Those are such wildly different skills.