Watch This Mechanic Get Totally Decimated By An Out-Of-Control IndyCar

Casual observers might wonder why pit crew wear safety equipment like flame-resistant suits and helmets, seeing as how they’re not driving any cars or anything. But this is exactly why as much safety equipment as possible is absolutely necessary, for everyone involved.


Todd Phillips, chief mechanic and a tire changer for Dayle Coyne racing, was struck by a completely out-of-control IndyCar piloted by Francesco Dracone. Phillips, despite being absolutely rocked by the spinning race car, only received six stitches in the incident, according to his Facebook page.

Here's Phillips getting roundhouse kicked to the knees again in slow motion, in case the video link isn't working and because Phillips seems to be such a good sport about it:


Haven’t heard of Francesco Dracone, the other guy involved? Neither have I, but this is what his Wikipedia page has to say about him:

He was slowest among drivers who logged a qualifying time at Mid-Ohio but started 23rd on the 27 car grid due to being in the same group as Milka Duno who elected not to participate in qualifying and Graham Rahal who was penalized. Dracone finished the race 3 laps down in 22nd place. He started last at Infineon, despite being a second quicker than Duno. The race saw Dracone spin off track close to the finish and he was credited with 20th place. He finished 37th in the championship.

Okay, then. Better luck next time, Francesco! Oh, and Todd, stay away from Francesco.

H/t to Keith!

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It doesn't sound like 9/10 of him were killed or removed if he only needed 6 stitches.