Surfboard designer Roberto Ricci can afford a $210,000 Aston Martin Rapide luxury sedan. Unfortunately, there was no money left over for sense, driving skill, or an attitude adjustment.

At first he's driving around carelessly, showing off, pretending to be cool while wearing a hideously ugly shirt. Basically, being a middle-aged Italian male. And then comes the crash.

It's natural to try and laugh off an accident, but the utter carelessness is appalling, especially when we find out why he crashed. Ricci disengaged the electronic stability control (or "no control on the back wheels" button as he calls it). He's so gas-happy that, without it, a crash was only inevitable.

He later jokes that he shouldn't have one of those buttons on his next car. Maybe he just shouldn't get a next car.


(Hat tip to Mirko!)