Watch This Granny Hoon A Subaru XT6 On Some Dirt Roads

Old people! You just can't trust ‘em. One minute, they're sitting in their rocking chairs, being seen and not heard like they ought to be, and the next minute they're doing their best Colin McRae impression in your Subaru XT.

That's the case with the granny in this classic ad, who uses her son's work trip as an excuse to fire up the XT's cassette deck while taking advantage of the "computerized full-time four-wheel-drive" for some grade-A hoonage.


Watch as granny pulls some mad burnouts, goes airborne a couple times, and completely ignores the "PLEASE DON'T DRIVE THIS WAY" caption in the video. Do the damn thing, granny.

I have this bizarre obsession with the Subaru XT, known as the Alcyone in Japan. Of all the Japanese sport coupes of the 1980s, it is surely the most obscure and ignored today. Its angles are so sharp you could shave with it, and it has one of the zaniest interiors ever put into any car. This video features the XT6, which packed a first-for-1988 flat six engine. It's weird as all get-out and I love it.

I thought I was alone in this obsession until I came across this video. Granny, if you're out there, I'll be your XT6 rally co-pilot any day.

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