If conditions aren’t warm enough for your summer tires, why not just attack the road with propane-fueled flames?

Yes this unorthodox method of removing the slippery stuff from a Camero’s path (yes, it’s spelled “Camero” when junior varsity MacGyver antics are involved) technically worked. But please. Don’t torch your tires for real. This is actually the perfect situation for those zip-tie “tire chains” you were all so interested in last month.

Actually as sketchy as this looked, I don’t think anybody’s in serious danger yet. That starts when this car hits the road on the wrong-season rubber, and then it might as well be a Mustang for all the sideways-crashing it’s about to do.

But the car’s combustable fluids are far away, it’s new enough to not be emitting too much explosive vapor... I don’t think anything’s going boom here. Might not be great for the paint, though.


Have you gotten this desperate to dig out yet?