Friendly Reminder That Car Chases Usually End Badly

Same old story. Someone steals a truck and makes a break for it on the highway. Unfortunately this time the following PIT maneuver sent the stolen vehicle flying down a drainage ditch, causing a separate crash in the oncoming on-ramp.

According to KCTV out of Kansas City, the police used their best judgement to engage the stolen 2005 Dodge Ram pickup in a PIT maneuver to bring it to a stop. The truck slid across the highway, into a drainage ditch and then landed on its roof just before an on-ramp.

The maneuver caused a second crash between cars suddenly having to react to a truck flying towards them at highway speeds.


I’m also slightly concerned about the amount of traffic driving past the stopped officers on the highway just after the crash. This is only a 50 second clip and it looks like the situation was definitely not under control.

The driver of the stolen truck only suffered minor injuries and was taken into custody.

Let this be a lesson (if it’s even needed) that car chases almost always end with the bad people caught and innocent people fucked over, whether its the victim of the robbery or Mitch Metzger trying to get home from work.

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