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I’m pretty sure this is the NASCAR version of Excited Astronomer or Double Rainbow Guy, but it’s proof that despite all the fame, most NASCAR drivers are pretty good people. Watch reigning Sprint Cup champion Kyle Busch totally make a random fan’s day, and bask in all the joy emanating from your screen.


Busch noticed a fan wearing one of his hats in traffic, so naturally, he rolled down the window and offered to sign it.

The fan does what any of us would do if we met one of our heroes in traffic and loses it, as HOLY CRAP KYLE BUSCH IS NEXT TO YOU IN TRAFFIC OH MY GOSH!

Regardless of whether you’re a big NASCAR fan or not, this is perhaps the happiest thing on the Internet today. Turns out, Kyle isn’t just approachable—he’ll totally approach you if you’re wearing the right hat.

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