Watch This F1 Driver 'Sell The Dummy' At 200 MPH

Okay, so we already saw Red Bull F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo pull out for an inches-close pass on a world champion at 217 miles an hour. Now let's watch him 'sell the dummy' to a four-time world champion at precisely 322 km/h, or 200 miles an hour.


Ricciardo tried to outbrake his teammate/four-time world champion/possible robot Sebastian Vettel going into the end-of-straight chicane, but Seb held on to his position. It wasn't until Ricciardo rounded the long Curva Grande and started in for the Variante chicane that he made it got his move going.

He pulled right alongside on the outside of the turn, and Vettel moved over to cover him. Just before the braking point, Ricciardo darted over to the inside and outbraked Vettel completely sneaking past.

That cut to the inside was at a solid 200 miles an hour.

That's how you make up four places in just seven laps.



Jeese, it doesn't look that fast, but I can't even fathom how these guy's brains work so quick