Watch This Dude Wakeboard Behind A Million-Dollar Ferrari F50

When someone asks you if you want to wakeboard in a random canal behind their screaming Ferrari F50, you say "Yes." It's that simple.


Oh, I know, wakeboarding in a random canal is incredibly dangerous. Even more so when you're pulled by a car. Compound that when the car is the F1-engine powered Ferrari F50, the most underrated supercar of all time.

I mean, sure, the wakeboarder in question is a professional, Jorge Gill. But that doesn't make this stunt any less insane, especially when you consider the F50 gets up to 84 mph here.


You're not Jorge Gill, but if you're asked, you should do it anyway. You might die, but it's a cool-as-shit way to die.

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Gabor Vajda (@Gabor_V)

I have a confession to make:

When the F50 came out cca 20 years ago, I hated the guts of it. It was ugly, uncharacteristic, and soooooo '90s. The F40 was the sh*t. When the Enzo came out, it was almost an F40 moment all over again. It was so cutting edge, so modern, so everything.

Now, many years later, I find the Enzo a bit boring and the F40 too much overplayed, and I just love all the 90s-ishness of the F50.