Nothing will ruin your commute like a highway shut down because a calf got loose. When the little cow decided to take a detour and avoid the cops on a Tennessee motorway, one brave cowboy mounted a cop car and roped it in.

According to, a calf fell out of a trailer and decided to take over the highway. The local sheriff’s department tried all kinds of tricks to safely get the little fellow under control, but the animal was having none of it.

“The sheriff’s office received a call of a calf being loose on Highway 79 North...We tried to bump the siren, tried to push it out of the roadway. It ran right back into the middle of the roadway every time,” Sheriff Belew said.

That’s when Belew got his buddy, David Bevill a real-deal cowboy involved in the chase. Without a horse in sight, the sheriff instructed Bevil to hop on his police cruiser.

“He said, ‘Get on the hood of my car!’” the cowboy, David Bevill, said. “And I said, ‘Alright! We’ll give it a shot.’ And so it all worked out. Think it was the best loop I’ve ever thrown in my life.”


As you can see in the video, Bevill makes roping the calf look easy, but the little bugger wasn’t going to go down easy.

Despite the resistance, they managed to get the calf off the highway unharmed. Sherif Below said this was the first time he had to round up an animal like this on patrol.


“I’ve never had anything happen like this before, and it was all just over a lifelong friend of mine helping me out, getting the calf out of the middle of the road on Highway 79 North,”