Watch This Corvette Daytona Prototype Pass Everything On Track

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The Whelen Engineering Action Express Racing Chevrolet Corvette Coyote Daytona Prototype was racing, and winning, in IMSA’s top tier Prototype class just two years ago. In fact, it took drivers Dane Cameron and Eric Curran to the series driver’s championship in 2016.

This chassis was the pinnacle of U.S. sports car racing just a couple seasons ago, but now it’s obsolete machinery with nowhere to race except vintage events. That’s how this carbon-brake, mega aero, mid-engine Corvette-ish race car ended up running with the Historic Sportscar Racing series and absolutely dominating everything on the track.

The car’s 5.5-liter LS-based V8 engine features dry sump oiling, individual throttle bodies, and somewhere between 550 and 600 horsepower. It should come as no surprise that the modern racer can blow by a 30-year-old tube-frame Camaro Trans Am car, or even some of the other lower-tier racers that are slightly newer, like the LMPC-classed cars seen in the video.

This video is from a qualifying session at HSR’s recent Mont Tremblant round, and the action comes hard and fast. The car’s new owner, John Reisman, has to remain patient as his qualifying laps are hindered by much slower traffic in many places. It’s clear he could set a quicker lap if the track were clear, but being patient is kind of the name of the game in vintage racing.