What’s that, that glint over there? It’s so small, yet so bright, like a miniature nuclear holocaust? Do you know what it is? That flame of eternity? It is the Light of Justice, and it shines brilliantly from the top of this cops’ index finger when he pulls people over.

If you’ve ever wondered how a police officer pulls over multiple people at once, this is how they do it.


This video has actually been around a while, but it’s floating around today due to (at least, I think it’s due to) someone posting it on reddit. But really, it’s a textbook example of why you shouldn’t try to drive like a jackass, driving on the shoulder of the road to get ahead of traffic. Because, you know, you’re the only brilliant genius that thought of that idea.

Next time you think of doing that, think of this cop’s one, solitary finger. It is three knuckles and one fingernail of righteous driving authority.


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