At one point, the narrator in this 30-minute secret pre-release promo film for the Edsel says “Edsel: the car that’s already making automotive history for the Ford Motor Company!” That’s a very prescient statement. The Edsel absolutely made automotive history. Just not really the way Ford wanted.

Yes, before the Edsel was synonymous with not just automotive failures, but flops of all disciplines, it was another hopeful new car, backed by studies and focus groups and grand, grand plans.

This film is a great way to see what those plans were like, and to get a sense of how much hope was pinned on this awkward ‘50s icon.

If you had no knowledge of how history actually unfolded, you could easily allow yourself to feel some excitement and hope for the Edsel after watching this. If you want, feel free to forget history and let yourself go.


Why not, right? Maybe there’s some alternate universe where the Edsel was a huge hit? You can quantum-high-five your alternate self while watching this.