Watch This BMW i3 Get A Glowing Review From A Car Thief

Dramatic rendering of events

A BMW i3 was recently stolen with a running dashcam, and the resulting footage capturing a phone conversation between the thief and his mates absolutely raving over the hybrid-electric Bavarian is better than any BMW ad in decades.

I’m going to take a wild guess and speculate that this video comes from somewhere in England, ‘Gov! Why? Just watch the video below of the carjacker talking about how great the BMW i3 is to drive and you’ll understand:

“This car will leave anything for dust! It is OFF! It can move!”

If you’re wondering where the thief left it, it’s by North Middlesex Hospital in a big estate, where the carjacker will show you how he lives, curved tellie and all. It’s proper!


The 2017 BMW i3. It is OFF! It can MOVE! I’ssa i3 BMW!

Via Electrek

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