Kids can be right little pieces of crap, especially when they're bored and when they start chucking rocks at passing bikers. So when this kid chucked a stone at what sounds like a passing Scotsman, it was only right and proper that he gave him a right thorough talking to, in the most Scottish way possible. Which is a math lesson.

Now I know the town of Hebburn isn't technically in Scotland, and it's in the Northeast of England, but judging by this chap's accent and his choice of scolding method, he most certainly sounds Scottish to me.


I mean, from where else are you going to find a video where the only reaction possible is a solid reminder of basic engineering principles of velocity, force, and pain, and where the kid looks sad not because he got caught being a stupid kid, but because he got caught being a incompetent mathematician?

All Scottish engineers, even the little ones, should know better.

Fookin' 'ell.

H/t to r/videos