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We’ve all done it at least once in our lives. We’ve looked at a road sign and gone, “pfft, yeah right”, and gone right on our merry way. You might have gotten lucky with your extra-miles-per-hour-above-the-speed-limit shenanigans—but watch what happens when hubris gets the best of us.


Whoops! Big rigs are already some pretty unwieldy vehicles—I feel like I’d be pretty inclined to trust anyone who wanted to tell me not to drive one down a curvy mountain road. Nevertheless, this man decided it was his divine right to take this road, and, well. You can see what happened. The back of his rig started going, and it just dragged down the rest of ‘im.

As the caption on the Instagram video states, the driver was okay but was cited for essentially breaking the law. Sure, it seems like a lot given that, y’know, he just rolled down a cliff, but hey—we gotta set a precedent for everyone else, right?

Take this as a sign to follow road signs. Don’t be a goofus like this big rig driver.

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