Watch This Awesome Dog "Driving" a Car Through San Francisco—Then Adopt One This Holiday

Watch this video of a dog "driving" a car. Then watch the animated GIF at the end of this post. Then watch the video again. Now look at the GIF. Now think about this:

If you must get a dog this holidays (like, for your kids) don't buy it from a breeder. Call a local dog shelter.


If you have been thinking about getting a dog, don't buy it from a pet shop*. Call a local dog shelter.

And if you can't adopt a dog for whatever reason, please donate money to the Humane Society.


Why? Because dogs are cool. And tis the season to be extra-good.

Also, think thrice before getting a pet. Any pet. They are not toys. They are sentient animals with a great capability to feel. They have empathy, just like you and I. If you are not ready to spend some money and time on your dog, the best thing is not to get one. You know, it's the same as having kids—except the latter are less furry, ungrateful and much more expensive

The video is a mashup of the driving dogs from New Zealand by Alan Oftheday. [Tastefully Offensive via Laughing Squid and New York School for the Dogs]

* Puppy mills are bad. Pet shops get their pure breed puppies from puppy mills, which are really horrible and cruel.


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