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Everyone remembers the Audi Quattro, as piloted by Michéle Mouton and other legends, but what of its successor, the Audi S2? Here’s a vintage clip of victory donuts that shows that the S2 is, in fact, good.

I turn one year older today, so this is my chance to reminisce about the good old days and tell all you kids to stay off my lawn. Times were better in 1997. SCCA Pro Rally got actual air time on ESPN2, and the cars were excellent.


This is Frank Spongl ripping some excellent victory donuts after the 1997 SCCA Maine Winter Rally, and it’s an image I can’t get out of my head. This Audi S2 spins like a top around a center point, and it’s delightful.

This rally later became known as the New England Forest Rally after stages in New Hampshire were added, a name which has stuck to this day.


[Note: The video description lists this as the 1998 rally, but NEFR’s list of past winners confirmed that Sprongl is the 1997 winner instead.]

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