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Watch These Seat Soiling Crosswind Operations From Birmingham, England

Welcome to Birmingham, England - where pilots have white knuckles and steel balls. This eleven minute video highlights the skill and focus that is demanded from pilots who fly here. So, find something to bite down on, and imagine yourself flying in the back of one of these planes!


The way the planes take such a beating from the wind and hard landings blows my mind. Did you see how the wings of the Emirates 777 seemed to almost flap like a bird?

Birmingham Airport is located in central England, 105 miles northwest of London. Work is currently being done to extend Birmingham's runway by 400 meters (1,312 feet) and is expected to be completed this Spring. This will not only give pilots a little more breathing room for landing, it will allow the biggest planes such as the Airbus A380 to serve the airport.


Of course, the runway extension won't have any effect on the savage winds. So, that means more future entertainment for us, as we'll get to see even bigger planes accept the challenge of the gauntlet that is Birmingham.

Video by YouTube member flugsnug

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Eddie Brannan

Is it they don't have the typical star pattern of available runways to switch to in the event of crosswinds there? Also it's probably not as bad when viewed without the foreshortening of this lens, but that runway grading undulates like crazy!