Watch These MiG-29s And Su-25s Blast Off From A Highway In Belarus

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Dispersed operations from austere locations, once a Cold War necessity, is coming back into tactical fashion around the globe. Some countries, such as Taiwan and Sweden, have continued to train to use long stretches of highway for combat aircraft operations during a time of war, while other nations are beginning to have a renewed interest in the tactic. Belarus appears to be one of them.

It is no secret that Belarus is spinning up its military capabilities as Russia looks toward it to partially replace its decreased strategic control in the region following last year's events in Ukraine. In addition, Russia has said that it would deploy its forces to the small European nation to help bolster its defenses, or to create a stronger geographic buffer between Russia and NATO, depending on which side you ask.

Something tells me that there is a good chance that Belarus, a country that remains somewhat obscure in West's eyes, will become increasingly included in headlines in the new year.

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