Watch These Kind Racers Rush To Help Each Other After Massive Crash

An enormous crash at the start of the ADAC GT Masters race in Oschersleben sent multiple cars off the track, including one Audi R8 race car that flew through the air, tumbling end-over-end. But what made this crash so much better was the spirit of the drivers right after.

They immediately start running to help each other, pulling apart the wreckage to help their fellow competitors escape. Worst hit of all was Danishman Nicki Thiim, who was piloting the flying Audi. Luckily, all drivers seem to be alright for the most part, especially Nicki, who seems to be enjoying his hospital bed.

Poor Nicki. Here's hoping he and his beautiful racemullet make a speedy recovery. The racing world can't be missing this for long:

It's almost as beautiful as Jordan Taylor's racemullet.

Photo credit: Nicki Thiim/Facebook


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