A very lucky boy got his dream of riding in a Lamborghini for his 7th birthday. All his dad had to do was ask the local Lamborghini dealership if they knew of anyone who could bring one around to his house.


This happened in Los Angeles, by the way, where there's a decent supply of Lambos not up to much on a weekend. But the boy's father posted on Lamborghini North Los Angeles' Facebook page a while back with the simple question:

"Hi, I'm hoping someone with a kind heart will help me. My Son is 7 on 20th April, we're having small party for him. He is a Lamborghini FANATIC. He works hard at school so he get 100% in tests, so I give him $10 which he saves towards his Lamborghini. So far his dream has cost me $400! I know it would be a dream come true for him to be able to sit in Lamborghini or get a short drive in one. His birthday party is in Hancock park at our home. Are there any Lamborghini owners who would like to make a 7 year old believe in dreams?"

The dealership was able to get several Lamborghini owners together and the birthday boy got a ride in a brand new Aventador. And he was totally surprised. Actually it looks like some of his guests were even more excited.

To think all I asked for on my 7th birthday was a 1/24th scale of a Dodge Caravan. I should've aimed higher.

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