Women Trying To Take A Selfie While Driving Crash Spectacularly

First, let me say that, reportedly, everyone ended up basically okay here. And then, I'd like to add that that driver can really rock a headscarf. But, more importantly, watch the damn road and don't selfie-while-drive. Ever.

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Reportedly, the women are okay, with some photos in a Daily Mail article seemingly showing them hospitalized with what appear to be minor injuries, yet still throwing some peace signs (or maybe victory, or maybe the number 2 or the Roman numeral for 5).


There's also been a rash of copycat videos and pics of people imitating the women's singing or even their post-crash pictures, which, come on, is pretty creepy. Sure, they were idiots, and there's a lesson to be learned here and maybe a place for a bit of mockery, even, but making a whole spoof video of someone's wreck? If you're making these, it might be the time to look into a mirror and ask yourself some complicated questions.

It's also worth noting that while women don't exactly have the easiest time in many Middle Eastern countries, they have been able to drive in Iran for a while:

Female drivers are not uncommon in Iran (unlike Saudi Arabia, where women are forbidden to drive) but there are still many restrictions on women. Iranians may not be in the company of an unrelated member of the opposite sex, a crime punishable with lashes or jail time. Public transportation is segregated, with women sitting in the rear of buses and on separate train cars, but the rules are more lax in cabs.

Even so, it doesn't matter how good you look in a headscarf or how accurate a hand-heart you can make, put the phone down and watch the fucking road. Sing all you want, but make your passenger make the hand-hearts and shit already. Hands on the wheel!

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Further proof of why they say women are bad drivers.