Watch These Heroic Bystanders Rescue A Woman From Her Burning Car

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This horrific 10-car pileup in upstate New York last week included a tractor trailer with faulty brakes spearing through traffic, but no one was killed. One major reason for that was the crowd of bystanders who managed to pull a woman from the burning wreckage of her car.

Watch the above video, shared by the local Binghamton mayor, and see how quickly these people—all victims of the same pileup—rescue the woman in the burning white sedan.


Someone first notices she’s stuck in the car one minute into the video, and the woman is pulled to safety before another minute has passed by. She made it out with only cuts and bruises.

The cause of the crash is unclear, according to Binghamton police, but the tractor trailer’s brakes were not the cause, as WBNG 12 News reports. Police are also hoping that this dashcam video will help them identify the bystanders who saved the trapped woman.


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Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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The one who saved her was the one who showed up with a fire extinguisher. Everybody just backed off as he arrived, then they could get back in there. $20 well spent there.