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The last cars of General Motors’ now-defunct “sporty” brand have aged into a delightfully weird state of beaterdom, all too often proudly sporting rust holes, AutoZone mods and Insane Clown Posse hatchet man decals. That’s what makes a Pontiac Sunfire leap so graceful your local ballet troupe just blushed so nice.

You know there’s always more to the story, though. Juggalos recently had their own noble fight for free speech, and against the unfair profiling of ICP fans as a gang. It’s only fitting that the marque most associated with ICP fans (at least per an old Hooniverse conversation) has its own widely-appreciable moment of zen.


This does not look like the work of Juggalos, but rather, desert hoons appreciating the natural beauty of Utah. A Sunfire is a good, cheap, near-disposable car for this. The same qualities that make the Sunfire a Juggalo mainstay also make it really fun to launch in the air.

YouTuber Jon Moore described the Sunfire as a free car with a bad head gasket, so of course they hooned it into the ground. It would cost more to fix than it’s really worth at that point, so why not?

Whoop whoop, good Pontiac-flying sirs. Fly like the most American of all eagles, and may you always land on four wheels.

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