Watch The Ripsaw EV2 Super Luxury Tank Make All Trucks Look Like Toys

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Howe And Howe Tech brought us the Ripsaw EV2 private-use playtank, and we gaped in awe. They put tracks on a quad and we squealed like pigs in poop. Now they’re giving us another taste of the EV2 Extreme Luxury Super Tank in action and after seeing it you might look at your truck and say “why bother?”

Not really sure what kind of “luxury” we’re talking about here... the luxury to drive literally anywhere maybe?

Actually, the older Ripsaw videos you may have seen were of a function but incomplete variant. This new clip below, with some desert action and mud splashing, are of the finished product with eight-way adjustable heated leather seats, GPS, an in-dash DVD player and backup camera among other toys.


Based out of a small town in Maine, Howe And Howe has only been up and running for a couple years but they’re obviously not dicking around up there. The EV2 is apparently powered by a 600+ horsepower diesel engine and has 12” inches of suspension travel on the caterpillar legs it calls wheels. Speaking of which; the those treads spread the Ripsaw’s weight out to just three pounds per square inch of track letting it glide over anything it can’t just crush.

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A seriously Batmobiley interior is standard and perfect.

Since each Ripsaw is custom-made, you could pretty much order anything you want on yours. Howe And Howe says “These vehicles take up to 6 months to fabricate and can cost well into the 100s of thousands depending on desired luxury and performance packages.”


Sure, you could build a whole driveway full of amazing pickups and buggies for that kind of money... but you could also leave all that stuff in the dust, or sand, or mud with your own Ripsaw.


We got to see the EV2 tear it up on ice a few months ago, but now you can watch it go hog wild in the sand too:

And here’s a newish Ripsaw hype video from Howe And Howe featuring more mud!

...any excuse to watch this marvelous machine in action is good use of the internet as far as I’m concerned.


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It just looks so....Slow. Its like a boat, a 500 hp motor in a car is a lot of motor and has no problem getting you to up to 200 mph but a 500 hp motor in a boat of the same or less weight gets you to...60? 70 tops? Still its gotta be fun going anywhere and probably a lot of places you can go faster than a car because of the suspension.