You know, I bet we'd all like to quit our day jobs and drive around fighting crime with cool gadgets like Batman. The problem is, all that crap is too expensive for the common man — unless you go way downmarket, like these guys did with a Nissan Micra Batmobile.

For YouTube's Geek Week, the guys at Fast, Furious and Funny tuned (in a manner of speaking) a humble Micra hatchback into something that Bruce Wayne might drive if he lost all his money after getting busted for insider trading.

But while it's cheap, it has all the important bat-gadgets, like a flamethrower, hidden machine guns and a rocket-propelled grenade. Watch as they dress as Batman and Robin (well, one of them bothered to do it, anyway) and use those weapons lay some pain on the Caped Crusader's makeshift enemies.

That will teach you, stuffed animal!