Watch The One True Star Boy Elon Musk Lose His Shit At His Rocket Landing

SpaceX successfully landed its Falcon 9 rocket for the first time a year ago today, marking the first time a rocket made it to orbit and then landed back on a launchpad without dramatically or violently crashing. Now we finally get to see how SpaceX CEO and the One True Starboy Elon Musk reacted: he lost his shit, probably just like you would if you were in his shoes.


Thanks to National Geographic, who got to tag along with Musk on his big day, we get to see one of the world’s most influential people run around Cape Canaveral like billions of his dollars were falling out of the sky.

Check it out:

Musk quickly goes from, “Okay, this is bad,” just before the landing to running around exclaiming “It’s standing up!”


Good for him and his team.

Musk wraps up with some talk about how this is one step closer to his dream of saving us all from this hell on Earth and escaping to Mars.

Edited the first paragraph to acknowledge the history of spaceflight by clarifying that this was the first time a rocket landed back on a launch pad for reuse.

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I can’t quite pinpoint why, but the screaming crowd of overzealous millennials was really off-putting to me, especially because it was so preemptive. They were screaming and crying for a successful rocket launch, which has been done thousands of times for the better part of the last century.