A couple of sneaky YouTube users recently caught footage of the opening and closing of the new Tesla Model X hot gullwing (or as Tesla calls them, “falcon”) doors. As our narrators instruct us, “Be jelly.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Model X open its doors on video — it’s just one of the first instances outside of a concept on a show floor, with what looks to be a near-production-ready example. A project with a long-delayed completion, the official launch date for the new electric sports-utility vehicle is set for Sept. 29 at Tesla’s Fremont, California factory.


The video shows that Model X owners don’t have to have a crazy amount of room on each side of the car for the doors to swing out — something that’s been a concern revolving around the concept. That said, enjoy not only the first-hand views of the Model X doors in action, but also the “oh, I hope this person doesn’t see us filming” commentary and high-class creeping abilities displayed in the video.

The company began letting its customers with the first reservations choose specific details of their cars in early September, and if you see this video and decide that you have to have one of these for yourself, estimated delivery for the most recent reservations is in the second half of 2016.

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