Watch The Most Expensive Cars On Earth Drive Onto A Golf Course

Sadly, not everyone in the automotive community gets to experience a Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in their lifetime and see hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cars parked on a golf course. We went there and shot this video so you didn’t have to buy passes, get a hotel, rent a car, and drink 100-year-old Grand Marnier. You’re welcome, America.

For those who golf, the eighteenth hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links is probably as good as it gets. You’re situated right on the water, the views are spectacular, and the smell of the green mixed with the shore breeze is like huffing a scratch-n-sniff postcard, but better.

One day a year, 200 of the world’s most prized and pedigreed automobiles from throughout the world descend on the manicured greens for all to gawk at, but the true car guys and girls attend something called “dawn patrol.”


Beginning at 6 a.m., all 200 of these autos roll onto the lawn under their own power during magic hour. The resulting visuals are simply breathtaking.

These are the best cars in the world with deep, rich history and the only way to do them justice is to film in slo-motion, and cut it to an electronica music track. Enjoy.

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