Watch The Most Hilariously Chill Bavarian Cops Catch A Fleeing Motorcyclist

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In America, when police pull over a fleeing motorist, they pull out their pistols. In Bavaria, they apparently break out the big guns: ice cream cones.

In a scene straight out of Die Rosenheim-Cops (a famous corny Bavarian police show), a recent YouTube video shows Bavarian Police chasing down a fleeing motorcyclist, apprehending him in the chillest manner humanly possible, and joking about his “worthless” bike all the while.


It starts with a few honks from “die Bullen” trying to convince the biker to pull over (the bike had no license plate). When the motorcyclist cuts through a roundabout and rolls onto the throttle, the chase is on.

But the pursuit is short-lived, as the rider quickly pulls over and apologizes. That’s when you see a policeman nonchalantly open his door and walk out with his ice-cream cone in hand, and one hand in his pocket.

So Chill.

I don’t know much more about this video, so it could be staged for all we know, though it does seem plausible, even if it does seem a bit too relaxed—routine, even.


Though I have never been pulled over by police in Bavaria, I have lived there for about eight years, and I can totally imagine a tiny town with that one weirdo everyone knows named Korbinian, who maybe didn’t get enough air during birth, and keeps getting into trouble with the law. Maybe this wasn’t the first time Korbi fled.

That Korbi—he’s always up to no good.

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