Watch The Minivan Crash Test An Expert Calls 'Among The Worst' Ever

"A person experiencing this would be lucky to ever walk normally again," said the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Dave Zuby in response to the small overlap crash test performance of the Nissan Quest minivan. It's quite gnarly.

The small overlap crash is something new and the vehicle was probably not designed when this was a common test. The Quest is not a popular minivan being smaller in a way that makes people generally opt for the newer and nicer Pathfinder, although I actually like the Quest because I'm weird.


The IIHS, not so much, telling CNBC:

"The corner of the driver's door was pushed in two feet during the crash. As a result, the floor and instrument panel pinned the dummy into its seat. We had to remove the seat to cut the dummy out of the vehicle."


To be fair, only the Honda Odyssey did well on the test, with the Sienna pulling an "acceptable" rating and the Caravan and Town and Country rated "poor."

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Máté Petrány

Screw minivans.