Though you may not have heard of it, oval-track racing known as Autograss is one of the most popular of all the cheap forms of racing in the United Kingdom. And one racer just had the best spin off the track of all time. I'm pretty sure his eyes are not in his head anymore.

Alright, so it's pretty clear that the racecar centrifuge was probably not intentional, and that the front suspension at the very least looks pretty well broken, and there was probably some sort of throttle failure as well.


I still won't allow those things to take away what must be the greatest spin-cycle record on Earth, with 14,729,389,942,678,212 rotations. At least I think that's how many spins there were, I lost count somewhere around the fifth time the front of the car went whizzing around.

Ken Block, you're on notice.

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