Watch The First Real Giant Robot Fight In History LIVE

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Remember where you are today, because today is historic. It’s one of those days when imagination made the leap to reality. Like when humankind learned to fly at Kitty Hawk, or when Yuri Gagarin broke free of the bonds of Earth, or when the madpeople at Chewels accomplished the impossible and gave us a gum with a liquid center. Today is the day that humans, encased in gigantic robot suits, fight.

We’ve been covering this saga since back in 2015, when the American team, MegaBots, built a prototype giant robotic fighting suit and immediately did the only thing that made sense to do with a giant robotic fighting suit: challenge Japan to a giant robot fight.


Japan accepted, and the team from Suidobashi Heavy Industries prepared their challenger, a robot named Kuratas.

So now, after many delays, difficulties finding a venue (still secret, still not open to an audience, because no one has any idea how potentially dangerous this may turn out to be), and logistical challenges, it’s actually happening: America’s Eagle Prime will face off against Japan’s Kuratas.

So what will the match be like? Really, we don’t know for sure, but I can make some guesses. First, I suspect it will be much slower-paced than what we’ve seen in sci-fi and anime for decades. Real gigantic machines tend to move more slowly and deliberately than their exciting, animated counterparts.

I suspect the first part of the fight will begin slowly, with the teams getting used to their machines, sizing one another up. After that, I also predict that it won’t last too long; my guess is the first team to get a really successful attack in will likely end up the winner.


Of course, I could be completely wrong! It’s going to be exciting to see exactly how this goes down, so why not just watch it live, right here, right now (well, after 10 PM EST-type of ‘now’):


Watch live video from MegaBotsInc on

I’ll be livetweeting some commentary as well, so feel free to check that out, too.


Oh boy. This should be good.

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