Machines! The machines are here to replace us, starting with the Audi RS7 Piloted Driving Concept. One day they're doing a 150 mph parade lap around Hockenheimring, the next a robot is punting your head across the room like a soccer ball.


Okay, not really. (At least, I hope not.) But Audi's latest stunt at this season's final finale of the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters race in Germany proves just how advanced driverless cars are becoming. And now you can see the full video of its lap, which begins about 14 minutes and 30 seconds into the clip below.

The tech is impressive, but even better is the overly-enthusiastic (possibly terrified) announcer. "It's being steered — by nobody! It's being controlled — by the intelligence!" I bet when it was over, he ran to his car and drove into the hills to start a new life off the grid somewhere.


The RS7 was said to have taken the optimum lines on the track, the kinds you would see a top driver take. How soon before one of these things squares off against a human?

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