They say it's the fastest four-door sedan in production. This is the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat putting its 707 horsepower down on an oval to test its claimed 204 MPH top speed.


I like this video for three things:

  1. the Hellcat (because Hellcats are cool and good and I like them)
  2. the lack of independent verification of this speed run
  3. that it doesn't matter.

Seriously, Dodge, people care as much about the Hellcat being the fastest four-door in the world as much as they cared about the Maserati Quattroporte being the fastest sedan in the world when that thing came out a decade or so ago.


Everyone likes it because it has 707 horsepower and does burnouts and sounds like tearing a musk ox in half and looks awesome and also does burnouts. But that you claim it will do 204.55 mph, an average between 206.90 and 202.20 runs on a 7.5 mile oval, is cool too.

(Hat tip to Bob! Hi Bob!)

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