Watch The Craziest Team In The Paddock Live-Stream From Their Rolex 24 Pits

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WeatherTech Sports Car Championship team Magnus Racing never takes themselves too seriously, so that’s why their 24 Hours of Daytona live stream is such a treat. After a few hours, Daytona madness kicks in. That, plus their usual sense of humor, is gold, dang it, gold! Best of all, they’re doing it again this year.


Here’s the live stream that should fire up today at 2 p.m. On it, you won’t find an onboard, a broadcast feed or any of the usual things that teams often throw up on a stream. Instead, you’ll find various personalities from down in the pits dropping into Magnus’ pit space to say some delirious, sleep-deprived things for the Internet. It’s always a good time.

Last year’s Magnus live-stream included an insane quest to get V8 Supercars racer Shane Van Gisbergen on the podcast however possible, some well-deserved mourning for Ballast Possum (RIP), and—by request—an awkward late-night appearance by myself and Fluffy Bunny.

Fluffy Bunny (and Bunny’s wandering human) aren’t there this year, so one of you will have to bring your spirit animal through their pits and/or convince Shane Van Gisbergen to actually drop by this year. If you’re there in the pits, say hi to this live-stream crew and make us fools who are stuck at home laugh. They’re good people.

More details on some of the crazy antics you should expect this year as well as their “Magnus Challenge” for those of you staying up for the whole thing can be found here, and for goodness sake, please keep the area wildlife off the track this year.

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Aaaand that’s why endurance racing is so awesome. Lemons, just bigger.