Watch The Brazilian Police Stop A Plane With Their Car, Again

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It's been nearly two years since the Brazilian Federal Police showed the world that they don't take shit from anyone, not even planes. Apparently they saw an opportunity this week to remind everyone of that fact.


This video reportedly shows federal police in Santa Vitória taking down a drug plane with their car before it could take off on Wednesday. Five suspects were arrested and more than 500 pounds of cocaine were seized. In the video we can see and hear the cops shooting at the plane — or maybe someone shooting at them — before they ram it and push it off the runway.

If this seems familiar, it's because of this video of federal police taking down another plane in a similar manner that went viral back in 2011. The new video isn't quite as dramatic, but it's still pretty incredible to watch.


Suck on that, plane!

Hat tip to Clésio!