The small details of this music video featuring a recreation of the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans with slot cars are staggering. There's Porsche's "psychedelic" 917LH of Martini Racing. Is that a miniature Sam Posey starting that Ferrari 512S? Or is it Nino Vaccarella? (Ok, so the numbers don't match.) Still, it's an amazing stop-action sequence, and it's also a music video.

But wait. All of a sudden, he's in Mike Hawthorne's Jaguar from the 1950s. Did I mention it's also pretty surreal?


The song, "24 heures du Mans" is by Swiss synth-pop guy Gionata (Jonah), who's from the country's Italian-speaking Ticino province. Most of his 2010 album, "In Nove Mosse" (in nine moves), is in Italian, though he sings this particular number in French. Watch as his bearded mug pops up all over the Le Mans-in-Scalextric-miniature soundstage.

This is actually the second such video from Mr. Gionata. Back in 2008, he did one about the glory days of Daytona called "Che cosa ci fai a Daytona?" (what are you doing in Daytona?). Apparently what he was doing in Daytona was playing with tilt-shift.

(Hat tip to JalopJeff!)

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