Watch The 125 MPH Ferrari Police Escort That Got Two NJ Cops Suspended

State Police in New Jersey are investigating the police escort provided to a super car club in 2010 after this video of about a dozen cars going over 120 mph with trooper protection surfaces. This follows revelations of a similar escort requested by NFL running back Brandon Jacobs.

Watch the fleet of high-priced exotics clearly speed past regular traffic at higher-than-posted-limits while some poor guy without influence in a Toyota Corolla gets a ticket from a non-escorting trooper on the side of the road.

The video is slightly NSFW for all the obscenities from the guy in the Mitsubishi Evo experiencing a police escort he calls "the highlight of my life."

According to the annoying people in the Evo, this group got a police escort to drive over 120 MPH on the Garden State Parkway. There's a Ford GT, multiple Ferraris, a Porsche, a Maserati, an Audi and various other high-priced vehicles.

It appears to be part of a rally (the videographers call it the "Gumball" but it is apparently a local Ferrari Rally in Red Bank) and the driver seems to have driven two hours to get there hoping to be a part of this drive.

Since the revelation of this video two officers were suspended without pay and a third station commander was reassigned, pending investigation.


In a statement, the New Jersey Attorney General told reporters "We will not tolerate any conduct by a member of the State Police that puts the public in jeopardy, as this unauthorized caravan had the potential to do."

So much for free-wheeling high-speed caravans in New Jersey. Anyone ever take part in one like this in New Jersey or another state have more video?

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