Watch Someone Drive a Nissan Pao From a Roof-Mounted Couch

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As you may know, I’m a pretty delighted owner of a Nissan Pao. That means I pay special attention to the latest Pao-related developments, such as this noted Japanese YouTube loon who rigged up a crude system to drive his Pao from a couch mounted on the roof. I’m not so sure I’m going to seek to replicate this on my Pao, but I’m happy someone gave it a go.

While I suspect that this whole thing was inspired by the allegedly fictional Mr.Bean’s similar experiment in his Mini, YouTuber SushiRamen’s attempt appears to be absolutely genuine, a bit dangerous, and, while not as relaxing as he’d hoped, it basically worked.

Doing this on a track was a good call. Plus, it allowed for a bit of unrelated drifting in there, too.


I think most impressive is trying to do this in a manual. It appears he just kept the car in first gear, pulled that 2x4 off the clutch, and just sort of lurched into motion.

This video highlights some important points if this is something you decide you really need to do. First, I’d say find an automatic; it’ll save a lot of headache. Then, I’d suggest color-coding your ropes, to prevent control confusion. And maybe secure the rope-ends near your control station so you can’t drop them, like SushiRamen here did.


I am curious why the “Star Spangled Banner” was played near the end of the first lap, too.

No matter. It’s always geat to see a Pao being driven and enjoyed, even in a ridiculous manner.


(Thanks, Paulo!)