Watch Some Of The Fastest, Wildest Drifts I've Ever Seen Rip Through Road Atlanta

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Ah, Road Atlanta. One of America’s most famous racetracks, and the home of Petit Le Mans. It always helps to lay a little rubber down on the pavement, right? Let these drifters take care of that with some of the craziest high-speed sideways action I’ve ever seen.

Music and motorsports festival Gridlife took over Road Atlanta to host track time, a car show, concerts, and of course, some drifting. It was the drifters who stole the show, though, because how often do we get to enjoy a trail of smoke rising off the legendary hills and curves of Road Atlanta?

This video taken from Geoff Stoneback’s car makes the place look like a war zone from tire smoke rising up off of the track surface. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.


Perhaps the most impressive drift video from Gridlife was one of the shortest: this insane run by Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck. I have no idea what the dudes in front of the wall here (and/or whoever let them stand there) were thinking, as Forsberg claimed on Facebook that he and Ryan Tuerck entered the corner at around 145-150 mph before getting brutally sideways at the next corner.

Now you see them, now you don’t. Unbelievable.

Here’s a couple other videos from the event, including an onboard from Alex Schlagel’s Nissan S13 for your viewing pleasure. (I guess that makes them hoons of the day, then?)

Drift everything everywhere, please.