In one of the finest bits of celebrating this season, already-champ Sebastian Vettel both channeled his inner-Kimi Raikkonen and told the governing body to shove it, all at once.


Vettel was understandably a bit miffed after the FIA fined him €25,000 last week at the Indian Grand Prix after he did a few celebratory donuts instead of heading straight to parc fermé. That sounds like an unforgivable offense (especially to those people who hate fun, you know who you are, and you can feel free to complain in the comments, once again proving your hatred of fun), until you understand he just wrapped up his fourth championship title in a row.

So after really driving the nail in the coffin today with his big win at Abu Dhabi, he decided to do some more donuts. His race engineer and the team principal were soon on the horn though, reminding him what would be taken out of the millions he's already earned. Too bad Vettel just decided to channel his inner Mr. IknowhatI'mdoing himself, despite their desperate pleas:

Engineer: Yeah, I've counted, that's $125,000.

Christian Horner: And by the way, you can pay that one.

Engineer: Sebastian, you do need to bring the car back, okay. Bring the car back, to the pit lane, please. Okay, Sebastian, sorry to be on your case, but to be clear, you do need to bring it home, okay? In the garage.

Vettel: Uhhh, let me quote: YeahyeahyeahyeahyeahIknowwhatI'mdoing.

Good on you, Vettel.

And somehow, he managed to escape the fine for this one completely.

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