Watch Sabine Schmitz Pass Everyone In A Race On The Nürburgring

This is why we love Sabine Schmitz. She goes out in the Frikadelli Racing Team Porsche 911 GT3 R on slicks as it's starting to drizzle, starts from the back of the grid and makes short work of passing through the entire field in two laps of the Nürburgring.


Sabine's race video is a slip-slidey good time set to a symphony of straight-cut gear whine.

Eventually, the slicks emerge as the right choice for the drying track surface, but it takes a number of careful passes before the surface develops more of a dry line.


This VLN Endurance Championship Race 5, a race with many different classes and makes of cars. This mega-cut of passes shows how Sabine Schmitz put the Frikadelli car in the front.

One green Ferrari 458 manages to stay ahead of her for quite a while, but eventually takes a wide enough line out of a corner for Sabine to sneak through. Another 911 towards the end of the video puts up a fight, too, but eventually moves out of the way.

The Frikadelli Porsche won both the SP9 class as well as overall for this race. No wonder!

(H/T Tim Wood)

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I'd love to experience Sabine lap the ring first hand.